Frey House II Tour - Modernism Week - Palm Springs

March 07, 2013

Frey House II Tour - Modernism Week - Palm Springs

The Frey House II Tour is one of the most sought after house tours during Modernism Week. We were very excited to be able to get tickets to see this house.

 The description of Frey House II Tour from :

 “A perennial favorite, the Frey House II seems to grow out naturally from the craggy rocks of the San Jacinto mountain overlooking Palm Springs.  Architect Albert Frey spent years measuring the movement of the sun and the contours of the rocks before he selected the site for his modernism home.  Widely praised as a landmark example of desert modernism,  the Frey House tours nearly always sell out in October.”

The Frey House II is located on a private gated road up on the mountains overlooking Palm Springs. On the way up to the house you go through a beautifully designed gate that instead of swinging horizontally, swings vertically thus saving space as the driveway is very narrow. As we got close to the house, a male roadrunner ran/flew across the driveway in front of us. We were all delighted to see one of these beautiful birds in person.

 The construction on the house began in 1963. The original house was 800 square feet and was designed using every inch of that 800 square feet. Frey used built-in seating, cabinets and dining/work surface. The highlight of the house is the massive rock that existed on the property and which Frey built the house around.  Frey expanded the house by 400 square feet in 1972 to add a guest room. Colour is everywhere in this house from the yellow curtains to the turquoise blue of the kitchen cabinets to the blue of the pool and the sky. The pool seems almost to be suspended over the amazing views of Palm Springs. If you ever get a chance to get tickets to this house, we highly recommend it.

The beautiful exterior of the Frey House. photo from

The interior and breath taking view from Frey House II. photo from

Pool at Frey House II

Isn’t the massive rock by the bed amazing? photo from

We love the built ins Frey used in this house.

Beautiful view of Palm Springs.

Another view from Frey House II.

Anyone for a dip?

This is the third blog in a series we are doing about our visit to Modernism Week. Stay tuned for more.