Modern Garden Tour - Modernism Week - Palm Springs

February 28, 2013

Modern Garden Tour - Modernism Week - Palm Springs

Last week we flew down to Palm Springs for their annual Modernism Week. We have been looking forward to this for the past year. Every year we keep missing it and last year we were able to catch the last day. We had such a great time in that one day that we decided we were going to book it for sure this year. Modernism Week has plenty to offer from Garden Tours to House Tours to parties and they always sell out quickly.  We mulled over our options and decided on the Modern Garden Tour, Steel Modern After All These Years House Tour and The Frey House II Tours. This is our first in a series of blogs we are doing about our visit to Modernism Week. Stay tuned for more.

The description of the Modern Garden Tour from :

“Experience a selection of modern gardens in Palm Springs all using desert friendly plantings ranging from drought tolerant to lush landscapes. Led by landscape designers William Kopelk and Paul Ortega, they, along with docents, will be on hand to answer questions. A keepsake brochure and map will be provided. At the conclusion of your self-drive tour, join us for a garden courtyard reception at the Saguaro Hotel, from 4-5 p.m., with the garden designer, William Kopelk.”

The Modern Garden Tour consisted of 6 gardens. The landscaping was beautiful. The combination of trees, cactus, succulents and shrubs are cleverly mixed with circular concrete pads, combed gravel and colourful planters. Some of the gardens had gorgeous pools surrounded by inviting lounge areas that included Koi ponds and porch swings. We even saw some sweet little turtles being fed watermelon. Landscape and interior designers, Gino Dreese and Troy Williams were the designers on a couple of the gardens. They are known for their one-of-a-kind landscaping projects. We think you will agree that their work is spectacular.

The creative way they mix the cactus, rocks and gravel is truly inspiring.


Don’t you just  love the galvanized corrugated steel fencing?

The circular concrete pads, gravel and beautiful plantings of this front garden was one of our favourites!

Hungry little turtles love watermelon too!

Who wouldn’t want to spend some time lounging around this pool?