Modernism Week – Palm Springs

March 12, 2013

Modernism Week – Palm Springs

Modernism Week – Palm Springs
March 12th, 2013

Our first day at Modernism Week started out at Koffi. The weather was beautiful and we relaxed outside. Hidden behind Koffi and Just Fabulous is a nice area with trees and grass and lots of places to sit called The Corridor. We discovered this little mecca on our first trip to Palm Springs and we spend part of everyday there. We love it! We were shopping in Just Fabulous when we were told that there was a Palm Springs Modernism Show at the Convention Center. We had just enough time to race over there and had only 40 minutes to browse around before our Modern Garden Tour. The Modernism Show was a gathering of vintage furniture, art and jewellery. We wished we had more time to look around but it was the last day, so we took in as much as possible. We found some impressive modern furniture and the art was beautiful. As an added bonus, there was an array of gorgeous vintage automobiles outside the convention center. Sunny weather and vintage automobiles….great combination!

One of the other must-do’s was the Expo Tent and Prefab Showcase.

The Expo Tent showcased a modern mix of products and furnishings for your home, including Blu Dot and Urbio. Both lines we carry in our store and on our website. Also, our friend Chris from Just Modern was showcasing some of the great products he sells in his store. When you are in Palm Springs, please visit Just Modern. We dare you not to buy anything!

Sustain MiniHome by Altius Architects was a great addition. This energy efficient, modern prefab is really amazing. It has a small carbon footprint as well as being compact. Our prefab addition at our store was designed by Altius Architects and was one of the first built by them. We love it and had it built especially for showcasing Blu Dot Furniture. We hope you enjoyed this blog series on our trip to Modernism Week in Palm Springs.

A great example of the amazing art at the Modernism show at the Convention Center.

I really loved this piece by Eyvind Earle. It was $16,000. I bought 2 boxes of his cards instead.

This vintage dresser just wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.

We loved the art in Palm Springs. We saw wonderful pieces like this one even displayed on the outside of homes.

Vintage cars in Palm Springs! Love it!

Amazing cat sculptures outside the Expo Tent.

Sustain MiniHome by Altius Architects. More info at

Relaxing at The Corridor.

Two words – nice ride!