Normies Fanciful Figures

The Normies are a fanciful family of decorative figures created in the intersection between the abstract and the figurative. These small creatures cannot be defined as a particular species, but one thing is sure: they are bubbling with personality and humor.
The little family was born by chance during a design experiment in clay. Small figures emerged from the organic shapes and became a series of five individual characters: Normfred, Normus, NormNorm, Norma and Norm. The handmade models were then put through a 3D scanner and drawn up before being moulded in concrete.
Each Normie has its own color alongside a strict, graphic pattern. The straight lines of the decoration contradict and challenge its organic contours, creating a pleasing divergence in form. Their eyes in particular give the Normies personality and life. Each of their expressive looks reflects a mysterious human sentiment, which can give life to many imaginative tales. Use them as a fun and cosy feature in your home; as a little buddy on your bedside table; or let the whole Normie gang get together on your bookshelf.
Designed by Simon Legald.
Product information: Normies are made of painted concrete.
Normies family characters are NornNorm, (purple), Normus (rust), Normfred (blue), Norma (pink) and Norm (teal).
Maintenance: Clean with damp cloth.
Made in Scandinavia by Normann Copenhagen.
Dimensions in centimeters:
NormNorm (purple): 9 cm
Normus (rust): 10 cm
Normfred (blue): 10 cm
Norma (pink): 7 cm
Norm (petrol): 5 cm
NormNorm (purple): 42.00
Normus (rust): 42.00
Normfred (blue): 49.00
Norma (pink): 35.00
Norm (petrol): 28.00
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