Cielo Pendant

Aluminum body. Polycarbonate bezel / lens assembly. Nickel-chrome steel canopy. Fabric cord. Cielo offers a full dimming range and is composed of energy efficient LEDs rated for up to 50K hours. Available in White/ White/Turquoise cord, White/Moss/Copper cord, White/Tomato/Copper cord and Black/Black/Black cord. Voltage: 120/220V 60Hz. Power consumption: 8W. Color temperature: 3000K. Luminosity: 380 Lumens. Luminaire efficacy: 48 Lumens/Watt. Color Rendition Index: 85 CRI. 50K hour lifespan. Cord length: 10’ (304cm). Cord can be cut to desired length. New colour: Satin Aluminum/Grey cord.

6"Dia. x 9"h.

Type: Pendants

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