Dish Silicone Shade Kit

The Dish silicone pendant kit shade is sleek, unique and ever versatile. The silicone material creates gorgeous ambient light in a fun, flexible and contemporary way. The gorgeous ambient light and ability to change shapes, make it a great shade for anyone who like to change things up every once and a while. Use the various folding lines to shape the shade to a shape of your liking that best suits your space. Each shade includes matching silicone socket cover, cord grip and 2 conductor threaded socket with ring (2 conductor socket is safely compatible with any 3 conductor cloth covered cord if the ground wire is clipped and left unused). Silicone in White, Frosted, Red, Black or Gray. Cord set not included. Assembly required.

9.45”Dia. x 5.90” h

***Red, Gray and White are not a stocked item, will be approximately 2 - 3 week delivery time***

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