Felix Modular Seating

Modern modular seating. The Felix components can be used together individually or be combined and expanded to create a multitude of seating possibilities. All of the components can be combined with the armrest/s, as well as the tray. This modern modular seating is available in a variety of beautiful fabrics and leathers.
Frame:  Select hardwood and industrial grade plywood covered with polyurethane foam and polyester fiber.
Suspension: 3” unidirectional webbing.
Seat: Multiple density/IFD polyurethane foam combined with serene air technology wrapped with polyester fiber.
Back: 50% 90/10 white feather & down and 50% polyester fiber.
Upholstery: Fabrics: all edges are serged and top stitched.
Leg: Metal with sable powder coat and plastic guide.
Note: Accent pillow, round wood tray and arm rest are purchased separately.
The Felix Modular Seating Collection is available in a Round Wood Tray, Arm Rest, Ottoman, Corner Ottoman, Bench, Loveseat, Sofa, 1 Arm Chair, Armless Loveseat, 1 Arm Loveseat, Armless w/Bumper, Corner w/Armless, Corner w/Bumper, Corner, Double End Chaise, 62” 1 Arm Chaise or 72” 1 Arm Chaise. Available in a variety of beautiful fabrics and leathers.
Made in California by DellaRobbia. Please click here for PDF.
Round Wood Tray: 14” Dia.
Arm Rest: 10”w x 20”d x 5”h
Ottoman: 33”w x 33”d x 17”h
Corner Ottoman: 42”w x 42”d x 17”h
Bench: 66”w x 33”d x 17”h
Loveseat: 74”w x 42”d x 35”h
Sofa: 88”w x 42”d x 35”h
1 Arm Chair: 44”w x 42”d x 35”h
Armless Loveseat: 66”w x 42”d x 35”h
1 Arm Loveseat: 77”w x 42”d x 35”h
Armless w/Bumper: 66”w x 42”d x 35”h
Corner w/Armless: 75”w x 42”d x 35”h
Corner w/Bumper: 75”w x 42”d x 35”h
Corner: 42”w x 42”d x 35”h
Double End Chaise: 74”w x 33”d x 35”h
62” 1 Arm Chaise: 44”w x 62”d x 35”h
72” 1 Arm Chaise: 44”w x 72”d x 35”h
Seat Depth: Seat depth with back cushion approximately 22”.
Prices start at:
Round Wood Tray: 413.00
Arm Rest: 563.00
Ottoman: 1650.00
Corner Ottoman: 1999.00
Bench: 2899.00
Loveseat: 5888.00
Sofa: 6214.00
1 Arm Chair: 3270.00
Armless Loveseat: 5190.00
1 Arm Loveseat: 5531.00
Armless w/Bumper: 4181.00
Corner w/Armless: 5531.00
Corner w/Bumper: 4624.00
Corner: 3278.00
Double End Chaise: 5141.00
62” 1 Arm Chaise: 4283.00
72” 1 Arm Chaise: 4868.00
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