Grounded Pendant Light Cord Set - Orange

By Color Cord Company. Each cord has an in-line black toggle switch, 3-prong black plug, and a removable ring to secure shades or fittings. The socket cover is made out of matte Black hard plastic. This cord is a 3-conductor wire (+,-,ground), suitable for hard wiring. Braided rayon cloth covered insulated 3-wire cord. Threaded ring to hold shades. Made entirely of UL Recognized Components, assembly not UL listed. UL Recognized conductor wire (SVT-3) with fabric covering for aesthetic purposes. Max bulb: Type A 60W (not included). Max pull force 5.5 lbs. shades and light fittings should not exceed this weight. Interior Use Only.

Overall Length: 15 feet
2 feet between 3-prong plug and thumb switch
Removable Lamp Shade Ring inner-diameter: 1 1/2" outer-diameter: 2 1/4"

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