In Situ Modular Sofa Series

The In Situ Modular Sofa is a grand, modular design with sculptural lines that can be tailored to your individual space and taste yet with its modular elements hidden through subtle detailing of its front profile, paired with deep comfort and a soft seat. Choose from any of the 30 predesigned configurations or create your own, using the 9 different seating modules and 2 loose cushions.
Designed by Anderssen & Voll.
Materials: Frame in powder coated steel. Modules in a wood construction with foam, wadding and fiberballs. Upholstered in textile from Kvadrat and Rohleder. The inner of the In Situ Cushion features a foam core with pillowcase around it that is filled with fiber-balls. Outer in desired textile upholstery.
Cleaning instructions: Remove non-greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a lint-free cloth wrung out in clean, warm water. If necessary, clean by dabbing with soapy water. Visit for further information.
In Situ is available in:
Ready To Ship options: Ocean 80 and Clay 12 textiles.
Made To Order options: All In Situ modules and cushions can be upholstered in all colors from Kvadrat’s Fiord, Vidar, Hallingdal, Divina, Divina MD & Divina Melange textile series, selected colors from Kvadrat's Clay (001, 003, 006, 007, 009, 010, 012, 013, 014, 015, 017) and selected colors from Rohleder's Ocean (3, 21, 32, 50, 52, 80, 601) textile series. COM textiles upon request.
9 modules, 2 loose cushions and 9 different frame options.
Modules are: Left Armrest module (A80), Right Armrest module (B80), Centre module (C80), Ottoman module (D80), Corner module (E98), Left Open-Ended module (F98), Right Open-Minded module (G98), Left Armrest Lounge module (H98) or Right Armrest Lounge module (i98).
Frame is available in Black.
Seating Modules
Find the seating modules of your desired configuration and add the item numbers of the desired textile
separately to your order. You can only connect modules to the open sides and end of the modules, illustrated here with dotted lines.
*An In Situ configuration must always have one of the following seating modules at each end: Armrest Module (A80, B80, H98 or I98), Ottoman Module (D80) or Open-Ended Module (F98 or G98). The Ottoman Module (D80) can only be used in extension of Open-Ended Modules (F98 or G98) or as the only free-standing 1-Seater configuration possible to build.
*Kindly note that the Ready To Ship Options and/or Made To Order Inspirations with Frame Configuration and Modules include frame sections, seating modules and linking brackets for the sofa.
*Please note that if you want to order any configuration in a different textile option and/or other seating modules, you must order the Made To Order Frame Configuration along with the desired seating modules in the selected textile.
*Please note that the loose In Situ Cushions are not part of any configuration or seating module and must be added separately to your order.
Made in Scandinavia by Muuto.
Dimensions in centimeters/inches:
See the configuration line drawings for dimensions.
Configuration Prices: For the starting prices, please see the configuration line drawings.
Module Prices:
Left Armrest module (A80) starts at: 2695.00
Right Armrest module (B80) starts at: 2695.00
Centre module (C80) starts at: 1895.00
Ottoman module (D80) starts at: 1095.00
Corner module (E98) starts at: 2995.00
Left Open-Ended Module (F98) starts at: 2149.00
Right Open-Ended Module (G98) starts at: 2149.00
Left Armrest Lounge Module (H98) starts at: 3395.00
Right Armrest Lounge Module (i98) starts at: 3395.00
Loose Cushion (70 x 30 cm) starts at: 205.00
Loose Cushion (70 x 50 cm) starts at: 269.00
*Delivery times:
Ready to Ship: Approximately 7 to 9 weeks
Made to Order: Approximately 13 to 15 weeks.
Please contact us for more information.


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