Mezzo Mod Dish

Afraid to get something too big? Don’t want to go small? This decorative dish is a perfect fit for you. Mezzo, meaning ‘middle’ in Italian, was named for the Designer’s love of Italy and the time she spent studying the lovely culture and landscapes there. ‘Cin cin’ to the Mezzo!

Each decorative dish is individually spun by one set of hands and the use of machinery that dates back to the early 1900s.  The dish stands are partially made of locally salvaged and up cycled steel. Includes rubber footings to protect your surface from scratches.  Includes optional drain hole. Available in Citrine Red, Citrus Orange, Frost White, Sky Blue or Verdant Green.

Powder coated steel.  Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.


10"Dia. x 4.5"h

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