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Modfire is a modern take on the outdoor or indoor fireplace. It blends clean lines and organic shapes to showcase the warmth of the fire. All Modfire products are designed and manufactured by hand. They come in a variety of striking colors and fuel burning options, including wood, propane, ethanol and natural gas. They are available in 2 sizes. Available in Natural Steel, Tangerine Orange, Avocado Green, Maraschino Red and Azure Blue.
Urbanfire: Some people prefer the convenience of an instant fire with no mess or smoke. Some home associations won’t allow the burning of wood. Some environmentalists feel propane is a cleaner option for Mother Earth. For all these reasons, we introduce the Urbanfire. Same beautiful design. New modern convenience. A turn of the valve and flick of the lighter and you have a roaring fire.
Hausfire: Our original design was focused on adding a sculptural element to your outdoor space. While that was successful, we heard the frequent lament that people wanted to bring that beautiful design inside. Now that is possible. Hausfire takes the award-winning Modfire design and brings it into your home. This model is powered by an Eco-smart burner that uses clean-burning ethanol. It puts out a toasty 5,800 BTUs and is safe for indoor or outdoor use. The burner is seated in a bowl of beautiful fireglass (included) to provide additional radiance.
Urbanfire/Hausfire: 9" to 22"dia. x 48"h
Hand-rolled from 14 guage steel.
Ethanol: 3564.00
Woodburning: 2430.00
Propane Natural Gas (UL  Approved): 2970.00
Propane Natural Gas (CSA Approved): 4298.00
Urbanfire + Modpad:
Part of you will think it belongs in a gallery. The other part of you will want to set it on fire. It’s ok. You’re both right. Urbanfire + Modpad is a propane tower that elevates the award-winning Modfire design to create a sculptural showpiece. Beauty is complemented by greater functionality. A standard 20lb propane tank is concealed in the base, creating a self-contained unit that is more easily installed in any design setting. An external key controls the gas flow without touching the tank and can be removed for added safety.
Urbanfire + Modpad: 9" to 22"dia. x 48"h
Base: 30"dia. x 20"h
Hand-rolled from 14 guage steel.
Price: 4122.00
We don’t know if bigger is better, but it’s definitely hotter. The Urban Bonfire is our award-winning fireplace design in extra-large. At 7’ tall, this unit creates a real presence in your outdoor space, providing a place for large gatherings and a focal point on your deck or patio. The Urban Bonfire can be configured to burn propane, ethanol or natural gas. It works well in both commercial and residential installations.
Bonfire: 10" to 32"dia. x 83"h
Hand-rolled from 14 guage steel.
Ethanol: 7998.00
Woodburning: 5598.00
Propane Natural Gas: 6984.00


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