Multi Shag Mat

Chilewich Indoor/Outdoor Mats are equally at home indoors or outdoors.
They are washable, quick to dry and resistant to mold and mildew.
Shag Mats are woven vinyl and are tufted for a textured "looped" look.
Shag Mats are an all vinyl product which makes them ideal for bathrooms,
outdoor terraces and entry mats.

Small or Doormats: 18" x 28"
Medium or Utility Mats: 24" x 36"
Large Mats: 36" x 60"

Please note that stripes run horizontally on Doormats (18" x 28") and
Large mats (36" x 60") and vertically on Utility Mats (24" x 36").

Type: Doormats

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