SHILF Shelving Components

Shelving…cafeteria style. What better way to showcase your Vonnegut collection alongside your beloved tchotchkies than the Shilf modular shelving system. Steel components in powder coat combine as you see fit, with no tools or hardware, to make any collection the talk of the town. **In addition to the configuration shown, Shilf can be customized and components and purchased separately. Available in Ivory, White or Black. ***Tall Block available only in Ivory or White.***

Foot Block: 8.25"w x 13.25"d x 4"h
Short Block: 14.25"w x 15"d x 9.75"h
Tall Block: 25"w x 15"d x 13.75"h
Short Shelf: 47"w x 13"d x 1"h
Long Shelf: 81"w x 13"d x 1"h

Long Shelf: 207.00
Short Shelf: 142.00
Short Block: 110.00  
Tall Block: 110.00
Foot Block: 51.00

To Order Furniture
Contact: 416-591-8834
Shipping Information
Furniture is shipped via Courier, UPS, Fedex or common carrier depending on the size and weight of your order.

Please go to Furniture Shipping Info under Customer Service for more information.

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