For A Successful Delivery!

Be Prepared!
Measure Twice – Deliver Once!

Your happiness is our happiness and we want your purchases to be delivered successfully. Below are some important points to consider prior to making your purchase:

Our delivery services use cube vans and trucks up to 26 feet long depending on their daily schedule. Where can the team safely park while they are unloading, delivering and assembling your items? If the truck has nowhere to park, it is highly impractical to book a delivery during restricted parking hours.

Any parking tickets issued to our delivery team while they are executing your delivery are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will be billed back to you at cost.

Will your furniture fit through your doorways? Consider the dimensions of your thresholds, doorknobs, and door jambs.

If you are living in a condo or an apartment, will the furniture fit in the elevator? Be sure to measure both the height, width and depth of the opening and the interior cab. If the elevator in your building needs to be put on service for your delivery, please ensure you make prior arrangements with your building.

Measure and confirm that your piece will fit in the elevator.

Will the furniture fit up or down your stairwell? Carefully consider the logistics of moving your items through these types of spaces.

Will the furniture fit through your hallway? Are there hanging pendant lamps or wall sconces that may impede the delivery teams’ ability to move your items through this space safely and effectively?

We kindly ask that you remove any artwork, furniture or personal belongings that may impede the careful delivery and assembly of your items.

Please put your pets in another room so that they are safe from harm.

If the delivery team feels uncertain about whether an item is going to successfully fit in or through an opening or area, they may request that you sign off on a Damage Waiver, relieving both them and Urban Mode of any costs associated with repairs / replacements etc.

Our delivery personnel are not electricians and they do not offer wall-mounting services.  

Urban Mode is not responsible for the measurements of your space, but we are happy to assist you in determining if a piece is dimensionally well-suited. Box dimensions and weights for all items can be requested. Please measure carefully before making your purchase.