Urban Mode at NY Now during the Superbowl

February 20, 2014

Urban Mode at NY Now during the Superbowl

We realized just a few days before we were headed to NYC for the NY  Now show that the Superbowl was going to there at the same time. We were interested to see how “Superbowl Fever” would affect the Big Apple. Finding a hotel room was tricky. Times Square was closed down for a lot of events. Bars and pubs were filled with fans. It was a lot of fun to see all of the excitement.

While we were in the Porter Lounge waiting for our flight to NYC, we had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Laurence Fishburne. Really nice guy. We took that as a good omen for the rest of our trip.

We saw a lot of great design at NY Now and met some interesting people. We were impressed with the smaller independent companies that come up with some fabulous products, some of which you will see on the shelves at Urban Mode over the next few weeks and months.

Best Toffee Ever at NY Now

Cookware by Karim Rashid at NY Now

Terrariums by Roost at NY Now

Gorgeous Watches by Tokyo Bay at NY Now

More gorgeous watched by Tokyo Bay at NY Now

Sweet animal ottomans at NY Now
As the show had staggered opening times we found ourselves with Saturday afternoon free. So we headed to the West Village and took a browse through Flight 001. We noticed, sadly, that Mxyplyzyk, one of our favourites, that was across the street had closed. We found out later that it has moved to New Jersey. We decided to take a stroll along Bleecker Street. We found some great new stores that we hadn’t seen before. Chocolate and candy stores are always fun to go into. We found 2 that we liked: Chocolate Bar and Curious Candy by Cynthia Rowley. We liked both stores and bought ourselves some treats. Yummy. We went into a store called Bookmarc, which is a combination of books and interesting gifts. We walked by a crowd of people on the street eating grilled cheese sandwiches and enjoying them so much. Murray’s Cheese Shop does a booming business and was busy. They offer a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches. We will definitely go back to try one out next time we are in NYC.

Our biggest discovery was the Samsung Experience Store in Soho. This pop up experience was supposed to only be open until November but was such a huge hit that they have kept it open.  Experience is definitely the word to describe it. There were bar tables with stools where you could sit and try out all of their products. It has a beautiful lounge that was made to look like a really cool living room. The oval bar in the center serves juice and pastries, all ordered through their tablets and phones. The design bar where you could design products online was just hopping with about 30 people crowded around it, all designing a new football. They even had a photo area were you could get your photo taken with footballs and helmets taken in front of a  football field image. It was definitely themed out for the Superbowl. We hammed it up and had our picture taken. The coolest part about this store is that you can interact with all of their products in different ways. You can also place orders for the products and pick them up at the nearest store.

Samsung Experience Store in Soho

Lots of people at the Design Studio in the Samsung Experience Store

The lounge at the Samsung Experience Store

Myrlene and I hamming it up at the Photo area in the Samsung Experience Store

Only in Soho!

Our last day In New York it snowed. New York City is beautiful in the snow. What a tragedy … we almost got snowed in and didn’t get to leave!

Snow in NYC