Urbio: It's Verticular. It's Modular. It's Magnetic. It's Versatile.

Posted on August 22, 2012 by Mary Frances Sundberg

We just received our first order of Urbio and we are very excited! Urbio is a wall-mounted modular storage system that provides a space-saving clutter control solution. Urbio is a diverse and dependable solution for urban gardening and small space organization. It’s clever and helps to sort and display everyday essentials, such as, office supplies, indoor and outdoor gardens and anything you can imagine in an endless assortment of attractive combinations. Formed from lightweight, recyclable and durable materials and coupled with uber-strong magnets.

Try a vessel, one wall plate, 4, 6, or 9 – as many as you want.  Urbio can also provide a vertical solution for all types of organizational needs within your home. We encourage you to be creative and push the limits of what your Urbio can do for you. Plant, organize, and space save all at once.

We immediately put up a large display in our store and it looks awesome.

Urbio Display In Our Store

Big Happy Family

Happy Family

Wide Mouth

String Bean

Big Daddy


Urbio in an Office Environment