100% Trays - New Colours!

Colorful steel trays are at the ready for jewelry, keys, sunglasses, barware, technology miscellany, good ol’ fashion bric-a-brac, or nothing at all. Nest or use separately, the 100% Trays are sold in a set of three. Set of 3 powder-coated steel trays in Lavender, White and Blue. Available in 3 Colour Mixes. Not food safe.

Colour Mix 1: Blue, White and Lavender
Colour Mix 2: Marine Blue, White and Grey
Colour Mix 3: Brick Red, Light Pink and White

Small Tray: 5.8”l x 5.8”w x .7”d
Medium Tray: 9.7”l x 9.7”w x .7”d
Large Tray: 14.7”l x 14.7”w x .7”d

Type: Tray

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